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Identifying your Glo

Your devices model is written on the top of its enclosure, as well as on the circuit board. Glo Spark has a 4-Pin RGB connector, and Pixel has a 3-Pin ARGB connector.


Wiring Your Glo

Use a screwdriver to remove the screw on the side of the device. Lift the top of the enclosure gently to expose the circuit board and screw terminals.


Glo Pixel and Spark control different types of LED strips and are wired differently. Follow the wiring diagrams below based on your model.

Wiring Safety

  • Do not wire LED strip while your device is plugged in.

  • Use the included power supply with the LED strip.

    • If you would like to use your own strip/supply, please make sure both the power supply and LED strip have the same operating voltage.

    • Glo can operate from 5-12V. Voltages outside this range may cause damage.​

  • Ensure the correct type of LED strip is being wired to your device.

  • Double-check wiring to ensure all connections are made properly.


Note for Spark users: The pinout on the included LED strip is flipped, and will not perfectly match the connector on Spark. Please make sure to connect the LED strip wires based on the labels on the strip.


Gently replace the top of the enclosure and the case screw. Do not overtighten as this may damage the case. Your device is now wired!

Wiring Your Glo

Reset Your Device

To reset your Glo to factory settings, press and hold the mode button for 7-10 seconds. Let go of the button once the status LED starts flashing rapidly.

Note: All Wi-Fi & user settings will be lost upon reset.

Reset Your Device
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