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Spark Series

A 12V 4-Pin Compatible, WiFi connected controller

Introducing Spark

Spark Black Back.png

Expandable I/O

High Current Mosfets

Support for 12V 4-Pin RGB Strips

Wi-Fi Compatible Microprocessor

Customizable LED Connector

The Spark Series Controllers are Glo's 4-Pin Compatible LED variant. Spark is designed to control 12V RGB Strips and other 4-Pin LED products.

Spark features a microprocessor with integrated WiFi, allowing for control via its app or a smart speaker. This processor is reprogrammable and features several I/O pins, allowing it to be modified or interfaced with external sensors or modules.

Spark is fitted with a standardized screw terminal connector and will ship with a Dupont LED adapter. This allows for strips of all types to be connected in indoor/rugged conditions

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