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A Byte-Sized LED Display

The Smallest Addressable RGB Matrix

Meet PicoDot, the smallest 8x8 matrix, specifically designed for XIAO microcontrollers. Perfectly sized at 1x1 inch, it's engineered for hobbyists, educators, and professionals seeking compact yet powerful visual displays. PicoDot offers vibrant color displays, easy integration, and a flexible platform for all your creative projects.


Compatible with Popular Microcontrollers

PicoDot has mounting pads for any XIAO microcontroller, so full projects can fit within 1 square inch! For other microcontrollers, power and data pads are broken out for easy use.

PicoDot displays can be linked together just like an LED strip. Link as many displays as you like!

XIAO Mounting Pads

Expansion Pads

64x WS2812C LEDs

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